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The Problem

AdblockOver the past many years, advertisers have enjoyed exposure through the traditional mediums of television, radio, and newsprint advertising. Technology has greatly reduced the opportunity for both message and brand exposure.

The Solution

lightbulbTwo issues need to be addressed to effectively solve the problem of proper exposure:

One, take the element of intrusion out of the equation; and by extension, create a scenario by which the user actually pursues the advertiser.

The other, provide value to the advertiser by offering duration of exposure to the advertisement.

Game Concepts

iPad_Starbucks_WinnerWe believe there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel. There are several common-use games that can be redesigned and programmed to work with our system. Classics such as solitaire and other casino-style games can be easily integrated to give a player purpose instead of mere entertainment.

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PlaySav was founded in June 2014 based upon the idea of helping others. One evening, business partners Jeff Cates and Josh Comstock were discussing how they could help raise awareness and contribute more to help those who suffer from global starvation. As a result of this conversation, and as an answer to prayer, the concept of PlaySav was born.
PlaySav is an application that has redefined how advertising and the end-user interact. We have created an entertaining method that not only engages the customer on a series of levels, but also demands a call to action beneficial to the end-user and advertiser alike. These technologies will transcend the web-only environment by being utilized on mobile devices and potentially other electronic devices in the future.

The trending markets of social networking and mobile/online gaming represent an enormous advertising opportunity. PlaySav’s creation of Interactive Incentive Gaming bridges the gap between effective advertising and entertainment; and promotes a call to action whereby users, in real time, pursue advertisers in the form of real-world discounts. This creation offers advertisers massive exposure with no unwanted intrusion to the end user.

To create an unprecedented relationship between customers and advertisers through interactive incentive gaming. By uniting entertainment with real world discounts, we will create a fanatical fan base like the world has never seen.

“I’ve never played mobile games before because I never had a reason to. Now that’s changed.”

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