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Our mission is to create an unprecedented relationship between customers and advertisers through interactive incentive gaming. By uniting entertainment with real-world discounts, we will create a fanatical fan base like the world has never seen.

Interactive Incentive Gaming

PlaySav’s creation of Interactive Incentive Gaming bridges the gap between effective advertising and entertainment; and promotes a call to action whereby users, in real time, pursue advertisers in the form of real-world discounts. This creation offers advertisers massive exposure with no unwanted intrusion to the end user.

Standard Advertising Practices (BAD)

This method is intrusive, pauses gameplay, generally ineffective, and causes user frustration.

PlaySav Advertising (GOOD)

We create brand pursuit through interactive incentive gaming. Embedded logos that represent real-world savings are not seen as intrusive but rather entertaining.

Advertiser & User Interface

Screenshots of our advertiser dashboard and mobile app.

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