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The Problem

AdblockOver the past many years, advertisers have enjoyed exposure through the traditional mediums of television, radio, and newsprint advertising. Technology has greatly reduced the opportunity for both message and brand exposure.

Due to technologies such as Broadband Broadcast, DVR/TiVo, streaming subscriptions like Netflix and Hulu, it’s becoming more and more difficult for advertisers to reach the masses effectively. The iPod, satellite radio and playlist subscriptions such as Pandora, are making it harder to reach us while on the go.

The computer, smartphone and tablet are the modern newspapers of the 21st Century. Though 92% of all advertisers advertise via mobile and/or online, the problem of effective exposure still remains.

The issue is user frustration. 80% of all users find the advertising very frustrating, while 12% find it somewhat frustrating. Pop‐up ads, mouse‐over‐expansion ads and auto‐start advertisements are viewed as being “more intrusive than effective” as far as the viewer is concerned.

The Solution